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You are buying hand printed apparel from an art project.  Please understand there may be minor imperfections in prints or slight differences between items.  We stand by the quality of the garments we use and the work that we do, but if you absolutely hate your item, you are free to send us a message about why you hate it.  If you hate it really bad and there is something actually wrong with it, we will refund your money for the item (but not the shipping costs).  Buyer must contact us with the refund request within 7 days of the item being delivered.  After 7 days, we assume you love your Little Alien merch.  This refund possibility only applies to NEW garments.   There are absolutely no returns and no refunds on any vintage item or any item marked "1 of 1". 


1 of 1 pieces and Vintage items are sold as-is with no exception.     

Refunds only, no exchanges.   Because we do short runs of hand made merchandise, no two items are truly the same and inventory is not guaranteed.  For this reason, we can only offer refunds for your item.  There might be a chance to order another item, depending on inventory at the time of your order/refund but we make no guarantee that a replacement item will be available for any purchase. 

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